Tales of Violent Gentlemen - The Warehouse Crew

Tales of Violent Gentlemen - The Warehouse Crew

Meet Some of Our Violent Gentlemen

We know how excited you are when your Violent Gentlemen order arrives, and our crew is just as enthusiastic about putting it altogether for you. Although every package includes a tag that notes who bundled your purchase, it’s just a name. For you to better appreciate the work that goes into it, we wanted you to get to know the guys who actually make it happen, Chewey and Hunter. It’s only fitting. After all, they already know where you live, the least we can do is give you some insights about the gentlemen behind the scenes.

How long have you been working at Violent Gentlemen?  

Chewey: It's been a solid 2 and half years with these guys. 

Hunter: I would say about a year and some change.


Tell us something about Violent Gentlemen that we wouldn’t know. 

Hunter: At no point in time are we allowed to play Sublime in the warehouse.

Chewey: I’m pretty sure everyone here is a fan of Taylor Swift.

Do you actually have a process for how the candy and hockey cards go into each order? 

Chewey: No, I'll just toss one in every order. Unless you have a cool name or a familiar address/city I might throw in two. 

Hunter: I like to go greeting card, sticker, hockey card, my card, and then gummy bears but that’s just me.


If you were a character from Slap Shot, who would you? 

Hunter: Paul Newman of course, he’s my Dad.

Chewey: Steve Hanson (I'M LISTENING TO THE F****ING SONG!) 

Do you have an all-time hockey fighting moment?

Chewey: No, when I want to look up some good shots, I’ll just YouTube my boss.

Hunter: When I found out one of my bosses was George Parros, I looked up all his fights on YouTube. So, I would have to say when he knocked down Riley Cote in 2007-08 is my favorite. Watching one of my bosses knock someone down to the ground like that was epic. Still funny that someone as nice and generous as George used to beat people up for a living.


How do you take your Violent Gentlemen coffee

Hunter: I’d say mildly hot with a decent amount of creamer. I’m new to the coffee game so drinking it black is terrible, but I use less and less creamer each time.

Chewey: I usually like a little coffee with my creamer.


What tune should the Golden Knights use for their goal song? 

Chewey: “Killing in the Name” by Rage Against the Machine would be hard.

Hunter: Probably any Every Time I Die song they’re allowed to play in the arena.


What was the last album you downloaded?

Chewey: California by Blink 182.

Hunter: Jay-Z’s 4:44, it’s the best thing I’ve heard all year.        


What's your top experience at a Violent Gentlemen event? 

Hunter: Probably beating Brian in Ping Pong at the last sale we had. Big crowd, big game, big win for me.

Chewey: This is a hard question, but one of my favorites would be when the VG boys all went out to Phoenix and met up with the band Every Time I Die at Top Golf. We crushed some balls and appetizers. 


Who is an athlete you’d like to see decked out in Violent Gentlemen?

Chewey: Phil Kessel. He’s just normal dude with a Dad bod tearing it up on ice. I would like to see him with some VG gear. 

Hunter: I think if we got Mike Trout to rep some VG gear that would be so awesome. Best outfielder in baseball and he’s local to the Ducks and to us.


We hope this gives you a better appreciation for Chewey and Hunter, and all of the hard work they do here at Violent Gentlemen.