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Putting On The Foil For Steve

Our friend Steve Carlson (also known as Steve Hanson) was diagnosed with cancer last October and he’s been fighting ever since. We wanted to help in the only way we know how. All profit goes directly to Steve. Here’s what’s transpired for him…



Steve Carlson Slapshot


From Steve:

On October 4, 2021, my world was flipped upside down.  My wife, Vicki, and I were informed that I have Stage IV metastatic squamous cell carcinoma.    

Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) generally has a high survival rate. The 5-year survival is 99 percent when detected early. Once SCC has spread to the lymph nodes (in my case) and beyond, the survival rates are lower. Yet this cancer is still treatable with surgery and other therapies, even in its advanced stages.
Steve underwent 40 days of radiation and 4 rounds chemo and autoimmunity drug.



UPDATE: March 16, 2022

I am getting my strength, getting stronger every day, and more active in daily life. I refused the feeding tube and almost had to give in. My lowest weight was 140 and I am happy to report my weight is coming back I'm 152 now! Talking is still difficult seems to swell when I do. Eating is still slow but the pain is starting to diminish. The next step I have is the 3 month PET scan at the end of April. I'm positive I'm getting the "all clear". Not sure how long it will take to be able to appear because if I can't talk, it's useless.
I cannot wait to get back on the road to share my story of overcoming so many life situations while gaining strength from all of you. Also, Honoring Slap Shot 45 Years later.


Thank you for the heart👊❣️


UPDATE: April 22, 2022

As always, we continue to be blown away by the endless support of the VG community. Your continued support of the hockey community means the world to us as a brand and fuels us to continue to keep putting in the hard work each day. 


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 Violent Gentlemen Steve Hanson Slapshot
Steve Carlson Slapshot