Podcast Interview With I Heart Costa Mesa

Podcast Interview With I Heart Costa Mesa

Our bud Dean sat down with Mike Hammer (co-founder of Violent Gentlemen) to discuss the history of Violent Gentlemen, our new retail team store, Free Burger Fridays, and of course, where to eat in the great city of Costa Mesa. 


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“Violent Gentlemen is a clothing company based in Costa Mesa, California and they make hockey-themed clothes and also music-themed clothes, that's just kind of a lifestyle brand for the hockey enthusiast. I'm not necessarily a huge hockey enthusiast but I am an enthusiast of great people and great designs and I love these guys so much and I've gotten to be friends with them over the last couple of years. Mark Brickey introduced us who's one of the great podcasters out there and he just knew we were all the same type of people.


These guys [Mike Hammer and Brian Talbert] started by making t-shirts and selling them in the parking lot of the Honda Center. The most bootleg you could possibly be and 11 years later they turn it into a worldwide, very well-known Juggernaut in the hockey world. So, if you see the VG or VGHC logos now maybe you'll know that's Violent Gentlemen or Violent Gentlemen Hockey Club but what you really need to know is how great these guys actually are they've been incredibly supportive of me my brands, and anything I've ever done. They're incredibly supportive of all communities and the amount of charity work they've done has been really impressive with fundraisers for different people. Join their mailing list, and follow them on social media. So sit back and listen to Mike Hammer from Violent Gentlemen and thanks for tuning in!”

Dean Tompkins from I Heart Costa Mesa and Thunderking


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