New Podcast Alert: WHAT CHAOS!

New Podcast Alert: WHAT CHAOS!

Our friend Pete Blackburn is one of the funniest, bright hockey people we’ve ever met. He’s got a new podcast called “What Chaos!” and we’re already in love. Give it a watch, give it a listen, give it a follow. Congrats to Pete and DJ Bean!


Here’s the official OFFICIAL press release…

Press Release: ALLCITY goes national, launching fifth network



After opening PHLY in September, the company’s fourth stand-alone network, ALLCITY now launches network five with the addition of the ALLCITY National Network starring familiar names across three separate leagues.

The company announced on Wednesday the launch of the new network which includes a daily NFL show, NHL show, and NBA show to start. According to CEO Brandon Spano, the ALLCITY MLB show will be announced prior to Spring Training in early Q1 with the college football announcement coming soon after.

The ALLCITY NFL show will be hosted by Brian Baldinger and Anthony Gargano, streaming live daily from Baldinger’s office at NFL Films. The show will be produced on location by ALLCITY producer Andrew Frazier.

The NHL show, titled What Chaos! Will be hosted by Pete Blackburn and DJ Bean from the newly finished studios that were built in Boston by ALLCITY Network for the daily hockey show.  The show will be produced on location by ALLCITY producer Shawn Depaz who worked at ALLCITY’s PHNX network for two years prior.

The ALLCITY NBA Show will be hosted by Tim Legler and Adam Mares, remotely, as Leglar travels around the country between NBA cities. The show will be produced by ALLCITY producer Emma Clark who worked at ALLCITY’s PHNX network for 12 months prior.

Unlike ALLCITY’s local networks which distribute all shows from one city-specific Youtube account, each of the national shows will be presented on their own YouTube accounts while also having their own podcast feeds and social channels.

The network will launch with DraftKings, Shady Rays, and OllyPop as the day one ad partners but VP of revenue Jon Riskin expects as many as 12 new ad partners to join the network in the first 90 days.