Jon Huber Forever

Jon Huber Forever


Just after Christmas we tragically lost a member of the VGHC family. Jon Huber was an incredible father, athlete, and hockey fanatic. The wrestling world was kind enough to bring him to our doorstep and we were proud every time we saw him wear the VG⚡️HC hat. When bad things happen in our world we always try to be the helpers.



We recently did a charity shirt for our fallen VGHC supporter, Jon Huber. He was an incredible athlete, entertainer, friend, husband, and father. We did this shirt to honor him and the great impact he had on the world. Through the VG community coming together to show their support, we were able to donate a nice size check to the Huber family. 


It means a lot to us to know that our VG family not only supports us but is willing to come together to support others in the VG family. VG family and friends Seth Rollins, Josh Gallegos, and to everyone else, again thank you. This world is a wild one but together we are stronger. Make sure you tell everyone around you how much you love and appreciate them. 



 Seth Rollins joined us in showing his support for the Huber family. 


Josh Gallegos also joined us in support of the Huber family.