Deke the Halls with The Violent Gents

Deke the Halls with The Violent Gents

With the holidays fast approaching, Violent Gentlemen wanted to get into the Christmas spirit. We asked our team to take some time out of their busy schedules to answer a few questions about some holiday classics and what they hope to see on the ice from their favorite NHL team in the New Year. We hope you have as much fun unwrapping this holiday Q&A as we did putting it together.


Who would be a better hockey player, Santa or the Grinch? 

Andy Boice, Designer: The Grinch 100%. The guy seems like a scrapper, he's just got the attitude.

Wes Chacon, Production: Although Santa is the golden boy of the North Pole Hockey Club, while the Grinch is the big green machine from Mount Crumpit of Whoville. I’m not much of a fan of golden boys so I’m gonna go with the Grinch, sometimes you need guys who are selfish and are just willing to shoot the puck. 

Mike Hammer, Co-Founder: The Grinch seems like he would be a real rat of a player. He would be a great asset on any team, but Santa has a Dustin Byfuglien vibe. Big body on the ice, great vibe in the room, natural leader. I would build my franchise around Santa.

Hunter Talbert, Warehouse: Santa would for sure be a better enforcer, but the Grinch most likely has better puck control and accuracy!

Mike Haydis aka Dad, Operations: Depends on your idea of “better.” I think Santa is an attention hog. He’s all about the flashy plays and showboating as he heads back to the bench. The Grinch is all about laying down for shots, clearing out the front of the net, and getting dirty in the corners.

DJ Harris, Marketing: That’s a tough one, but I feel like they’d be two different styles of players. The Grinch would spend a bit more time in the sin-bin for sure.

Brian Talbert, Co-Founder: Santa!

Chewey Molina, Warehouse: No doubt the Grinch, he seems more aggressive.


Who would spend more time in the penalty box, Marv or Harry?

 DJ: Harry. He can be a hot head sometimes.

Andy: I'd like to see them battle it out for that title.

Hunter: Harry would definitely spend more time in the box, Joe Pesci is an animal.

Wes: Harry Lime is one of the legendary instigators of Winnetka, Illinois, so I’m going to go with Harry.

Mike: I’m thinking Marv. Harry is sneaky. He’s slashing and slew footing behind the play. He’s gonna get caught every once in a while but normally you just look behind the play and see the opposing forward on the ice not moving.  He knows how to get it done when the refs aren’t looking. But you know Marv is getting caught every time. He’s hooking the guy on the breakaway and taking a penalty. Swinging his stick and getting double minors for drawing blood. He’s just not smart enough to know any better and is going to be there in that box all game.

Brian: Marv for sure. He does Harry's dirty work.

Hammer: This is tough! They seem pretty tight and would be those teammates constantly getting into shit together. If Marv sees Harry getting into a scrap he’s grabbing someone and throwing blows too.

Chewey: For sure Marv, short-tempered.


Who works harder leading up to the holidays, Santa's elves or the Violent Gentlemen crew preparing for shopping and sales?

Hammer: The elves have an easy life. They don’t have to do customer service AND their boss is gone a lot. Who’s even running that shop? The real Christmas heroes are in our warehouse.

 DJ: Santa’s elves give it a good run, but considering the ratio of elves to VG employees, we take the cake.

Hunter:  I would have to say our crew here works harder than any other crew around. We spend days and nights making sure each customer gets what they ordered in a timely fashion and to answer any questions they have.

Andy: Chewey might be the only elf around here, but he's been impressive. Hunter has sweated through at least two tees a day so he was busting ass. Wes aka "the Dolphin" had an enjoyable run with plenty of R&R and extensive lunch breaks. Deej shredded emails & tore up the snack selection. The holidays put some hair on Dad's head so that's just all around great for everyone. Scalp as bright as the sun. Management kept it all together, it was a wild ride.

 Mike: VG crew every time. This team hustles. Everyone is prepping leading up to the crazy and then when those orders start to flow, everyone is pulling orders and we work nonstop every day and night until it’s done. Those little elves have nothing on this team. We go all day every day. Elves do a month of busy work and coast the rest of the year.

 Wes: When called upon for warehouse duties during our sales, I can pack an order like you wouldn’t believe. This old guy (soon to be 32) can still show the young rookies (Chewey and Hunter) a few things, even if I’m still a cotton headed ninny muggins.

 Chewey: Obvi the VG Crew.

Brian: The VG crew. Every year we grow and every year they go hard. Much appreciation to them.


The NHL hasn't played a game on Christmas since 1971. Meanwhile, the NFL and NBA both play holiday matchups. What do you think about the idea of the NHL bringing back Christmas contests?

 Andy: I'm all for it. As long as there's no overlap with the football game we're set.

 Wes: Let the boy’s spend time with their families. 

 Mike: Terrible idea. I don’t watch sports on Christmas really. Too busy. And While I love watching America’s team play on Thanksgiving every year (Go Cowboys), I love that the NHL takes a break for Christmas. Players get to see their friends and family and have a little break.  As the VG dad, I think spending time with family is super important. Plenty of time for hockey at other points in the year.

Hammer: No fucking chance. Let the boys enjoy their family, friends, and not having to worry about being traded for a few days. I think this is a huge thing that separates our sport (sure, I said OUR) from the others.

Hunter: I feel like with so many things going on that day a Christmas game wouldn’t be the best idea. I bet NHL players like having a day off to spend with their families.

 DJ: I like the idea of players being able to spend time with their families on Christmas. I’m fine with no Christmas contests.

 Chewey: I support it.

Brian: I would love to watch hockey on Christmas, but I understand why they don't play. Let the boys hang with their families.


What's your favorite holiday song? Or which holiday song are you least repulsed by?

 Mike: So, my mom ran me over when I was in fifth grade. Total accident, but she broke my leg. I was on crutches leading into Christmas and then the kids at school sang “Michael got run over by his mother” for a while. So I kinda like that song about grandma getting run over by reindeer. 

 Andy: They're all pretty migraine-inducing but if I had to pick one, some good old fashioned “White Christmas” by the Drifters. It's pretty romantic if you want to set the vibe.

Hammer: Bruce Springsteen's "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" is UNREAL. In perfect Bruce fashion, it starts with some great stage banter and then ends with a great time. 10/10.

Hunter: "White Christmas" is easily my favorite holiday song!

Brian: This year it's Michael Bublé's "All I Want for Christmas is You."

Wes: Can I go with the song I’m repulsed by the most? “Little Drummer Boy,” sorry Jesus. 

Chewey: Adam Sandler’s “The Hanukkah Song” is my fav.

 DJ: Throw on some Michael Bublé Christmas jams and I’ll be in the holiday spirit.


Eggnog or not?

Andy: Fuck Eggnog.

Hammer: I love eggnog but I had to switch to a healthy version this year.

DJ: Meh. I’ll take some hot cocoa.

Chewey: Yes, all the way.

Brian: Eggnog is pretty whatever. I usually pour a glass, take a sip, and then forget about it.

Hunter: Nah.

Wes: Eggnog Donuts from Sidecar Doughnuts located in Costa Mesa, CA. Shout out to Sidecar Doughnuts, sponsor me.

Mike: Eggnog latte is a guilty pleasure I get my wife to order for me. Eggnog with cookies is amazing. Eggnog spiked if that’s an option. I love it. But I have to limit myself to one glass a day and only during December or I could probably drink an entire gallon every time I bring it home. I love that stuff. 


Can you remember first Christmas gift?

Hunter: The first Christmas gift I can remember getting was a puppy name Zorra. My dad went through a lot of trouble getting me that dog. I named her Zorra because she was all black and we couldn’t name her Zorro.

Andy: Cooper hockey stick. I Still have it.

Wes: I probably won’t even remember filling this out, no way I’ll remember my first Christmas gift.

Hammer: First? Of course not. Best? Easy. I remember my first skateboard like I was holding it right now. Birdhouse Willy Santos pro model with the frogs on it... *bails on remaining questions to search for it on eBay*

DJ: No, but I do remember getting an N64 for Christmas. That was a solid year.

Mike: No. I remember the first bike and big events where we went cool places for the holidays.  We have had some fun years, but I can’t remember any gifts that just blew me away or that first one.

Brian: Nope, but I do remember getting the Ewok tree fort base, which was awesome.

Chewey: I don’t, but I remember getting Power Rangers when I was small.


Have you ever used mistletoe?

Andy: Not a big fan of foreplay.

Chewey: Every year

Wes: Don’t need it to get some holiday smooches.

Hammer: On a daily basis, even off season.

Brian: Nope, but maybe this year.

Hunter: I actually haven’t, but I will most likely get cute with my lady and take a picture underneath one this year.

Mike: There was a high school party where we had it once. I can’t remember ever having it out again. Kind of embarrassing, but the girls brought it so it wasn’t me.

DJ: I have never used mistletoe. Ok, maybe like once.


Is Die Hard the best holiday movie ever? Yes, or yes?

Brian: Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!

Chewey: YES

Andy: I'm never going to hear the end of this, but I have never seen Die Hard.

Hammer: Although I’ll agree it's a holiday movie, I won't sign off on BEST.

Wes: Just Friends is the best holiday movie ever. Ryan Reynolds will teach you a lot about a solid slapper in that movie.

Mike: No. Great movie but not my favorite holiday movie. In my house, the tradition is Elf starting on Thanksgiving once the Cowboys play. It comes on like clockwork and gets watched a ton. Then we watch Home Alone, A Christmas Story, and the Santa Clause on repeat as well.

Hunter: It's a Wonderful Life is the best Christmas movie ever made! 

DJ: I’ve been watching a lot of Brooklyn Nine-Nine lately so I’m going to answer as Jake Peralta and say yes.



What should your favorite hockey team's New Year's resolution be?

 Andy: Bring back the Russian Five!



Wes: Fire Blashill, fire Ken Holland, and give me a winning team again. Bring back Stevie Y.

Brian: Stop getting hurt and stop making d-zone turnovers.

Hunter: To keep on winning so my dad's happy. Go Kings Go!

Mike: Ducks need fewer injuries. Maybe we could figure out a way to get guys off the IR. Oh, and no more OT losses, please.

Hammer: Get healthy.

DJ: My favorite team’s New Year’s resolution should involve staying healthy.

Chewey: To go for a three-peat!


If you could give the NHL an early Christmas present, what would it be?

Brian: Third jerseys, for the fans.

Andy: Let's drop those beer prices & get the emotions unleashed in the stands. Crowd participation is key.

Wes: Goalies are fair game when they skate out for a puck. How great would it be to see some good ol’ Donny Brook’s again?

Hammer: Well NHL, you’ve really toed the line this year between naughty and nice. For all of our own good, I’ll be putting a new club in Seattle.

Hunter: The best gift I could give would be to raise salaries. These guys play one of the hardest sports on earth but don’t get paid like it.

Mike: I wouldn’t mind seeing Olympics with NHL players. I know that’s kind of a dead horse I’m beating, but I can’t tell you how much my house loves watching them. You end up rooting for players you normally hate. It’s fun.

DJ: If I could give the NHL a Christmas gift this year it would be third jerseys or invite a west coast team to do an outdoor game on the east coast.


Any holiday message you'd like to share with the Violent Gents family around the world?

Hammer: We genuinely appreciate the VGHC family. Family might sound like a weird word to use, but we genuinely feel it. We hear countless stories of new friendships from a simple “hey, nice hat”, new relationships made at our events (or on our social media haha), and this is something we’re most proud of. Aside from gifts, holiday parties, and bullshit, I just wish that everyone in the VGHC fam is happy, and exactly where they want to be or on the road to it.

Andy: Thanks for the support, you guys make this all possible. Cheers to 2018.

Wes: Thank you xoxo

DJ: Thanks for all the support. We’re excited to see what the New Year brings.

Chewey: Thanks for all the support and love.

Hunter: Thank you so much for all your love and support! You guys have no idea how awesome it is to walk around and see our gear everywhere we go! Sorry if it took me awhile to email you guys back!

Mike: Pretty simple...thanks to everyone for the support and being a part of the VG family. Our Gents family is amazing and they are so passionate about the brand. We appreciate it. Take some time to slow down and enjoy your family. Also, don’t eat yellow snow.

Brian: We appreciate all of our VG team and family, and hope everyone has a great holiday. Remember to always go hard to the net and that good things happen when you put pucks on net as well.


Happy holidays to you and yours! Thanks again for all the love and support. All the best in 2018. Check back into the blog in the New Year as we continue our Q&A series with some of your favorite NHL players.