Buffalo Pop-Up Shop the Recap

Buffalo Pop-Up Shop the Recap

Since the inception of our brand, we’ve always essentially had two hometowns. Orange County, California, and Buffalo, New York. Wildly different places but we seemed to find common ground and goals with the people of this city.

We were first introduced to the city by good friends Every Time I Die. They tour the country 9 months out of the year risking life and limb to bring a little Buffalo to the world. Bless their hearts. After years of knowing these guys, visiting Buffalo, and NUMEROUS collab shirts we decided it was time to bring VG as a brand to the city.

We met up with Dave from Oxford Pennant months ago at a trade show in Las Vegas. He mentioned the idea of us coming to his town of Buffalo to do an event in which we told him that this was our dream. The following months produced many Slack messages, emails, texts, calls etc between our teams trying to get everything perfect. This pop-up shop would unofficially be deemed “the buffalo brotherhood” as we were so excited to do a pop up IN Buffalo with Every Time I Die AND Oxford Pennant.

We decided that the annual ETID Christmas show would be the perfect thing to center this around. The band celebrates the cities loyalty by doing these rowdy and wild shows every December that really have more of a friends only house party vibe than concert.

When you plan events like this it's a bit scary wondering if anyone will ever show up. (Spoiler alert: everyone always shows up) This was our first time doing an event where a snow storm was scheduled to start at the same time. To our amazing surprise, we still had a line when we opened doors at 5 pm. Turns out a little snow will not keep the good neighbors of Buffalo away from what they love.

Our opening night included our full crew out in full force, a fantastic photo booth from the Victory Gardens, dogs, donuts, and of course a meticulously laid out showing of beautiful goods from ETID x OXFORD x VG.

It’s easier to just show ya...

We would love to show you how many times we ate with all the Buffalo good boys (Mighty, Jim’s, Ted’s, LA NOVA,) but we’re not a food blog so we’ll continue to the main event.


This year we decided to make something really special for this show and just sell one thing. We made our very first ETID hockey jersey. It was pretty heartwarming walking around the show seeing so many people tossing it straight on.

The gig was warmed up by Andy Williams bringing in a barrage of pro wrestling animals. This included many of the highlights of the evening for us like the Pythons absolutely crushing these purple dorks.

Let’s get on to the main event here. ETID selflessly brought in an unreal lineup for the gig. This included Bungler, Vein, Knocked Loose, Frank Iero & The Patience, Reggie and the Full Effect, PUP, Eighteen Visions, and of course ETID.

We were too busy ripping to take many notes while the boys hit the stage but it did not disappoint. In typical ETID fashion the show included but was not limited to Andy ripping his pants, a guitar engulfed in flames, Jordan wearing the jersey we gifted him before throwing it to a lucky fan, annnnd 30 something hits from the classics to the new jams. We highly suggest you make it out to TID THE SEASON next year. As a matter of fact, they already started selling tickets! We will 100% be back to party with you animals next year.

Due to some people spoiling the fun of our pop-up we're releasing the remainder of our pop-up shop exclusives online. Get it at before its gone.