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Enforce Australia Kids Tee

Color: Black

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We’ve all been deeply saddened at VGHQ over the fires burning in Australia. First off, it hits home as unfortunately devastating brush fires are very common here in California. Secondly, we see how deep our VG roots are down under in Australia between some fantastic people as customers, friends, and some local business owners in Orange County we’ve become close with.


We decided to take action and do what we do when tragedy strikes here. When times are tough we do our best to design a fantastic piece, let it crush for a couple weeks and donate 100% of the proceeds to a great cause. We’ll be donating to New South Wales Rurales Fire Service as well as Victoria firefighting service. A lot of these brave men and women are actual volunteers risking their lives for their communities.



  • 100% cotton youth t-shirt
  • Size chart measured in inches