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3 Pack Mystery Mens SMALL Tee

Color: 3 Pack Mystery

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3 Pack Mystery

It's easy. You purchase a Violent Gentlemen 3 Pack Mystery Mens SMALL Tee for a great price, and we send you 3 random Violent Gentlemen shirts. No returns or exchanges on mystery tees. Just select your size.  


These tees fit both the fellas and the ladies so get one, cut it up into a crop or just get rid of those sleeves so people can see the gun show at the gym.


Feel free to snag a few smalls for the kids too! The smalls are an excellent alternative to the youth XL! 


  • Will you get a team related tee? NO.
  • Will you get duplicates designs in the same size? NO.
  • Can you request a tee you want? Nope, that's why its a mystery!
  • Can you spit the pack into different sizes? Nope, that's why is a 3 pack! 
  • Size chart measured in inches