Van City

Paid a visit to one of my favorite cities this week. Vancouver is a relatively quick flight, kind Canadian folks, insane city/nature experiences within minutes of each other and of course...a Canadian NHL club. This last point carries a lot of weight that you don't realize until you experience. These people have a passion that is unrivaled. In the first game we went to the Canucks hosted the Kings. It quickly got out of hand and ended in a 5-0 blowout. How much of the sellout crowd left early? Maybe 20 people. Just as packed and loud as the start. I'm not sure if its out of respect for the club or simply getting your moneys worth out of a $300 ticket but either way I love it. 

Met up with LA --> VAN transplants Beau Bokan and Rocket

Got around taking in as much nature as possible

We had an off day in between games and the Canucks training staff were nice enough to let us come through for a tour. What an inspiring place to practice and play home games. 

Last but absolutely most important...stopped by one of our retailers Max Performance. This place is a small mom and pop shop but its perfect. Carry a good selection of VG gear including the more limited, hard to find things like our Game On jersey. If you're in the area stop by and say hello.

Of course finished the trip out by catching the Ducks in town and some poutine. Until next time Vancouver!

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